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Date: Sun 09/19/10 9:17PM
From: Jennifer Zimmerman

Message: Ellis Family,
I am just learning of Isabelle's pa**ing. I don't know if you remember me but I went to KU and graduated in May 2006. I worked in the KU daycare, and also came to your home to watch Isabelle over the christmas break one year! I will cherish all the good times we shared...she was a sweet girl! Rest in peace princess Isabelle

Date: Fri 12/11/09 10:25PM
From: Melissa Harmon

Message: Chris, Amanda, Elorah, and Ben,
I have been thinking about Isabelle a lot lately. I was especially thinking about her and you today. I know she was looking down and smiling at everyone today and we all remembered her. I live in KC now and was on my way to Lawrence this evening. I decided to stop in Eudora and pay Isabelle a visit. When I went to exit the sunset turned pink. I knew Isabelle was smiling down.

Congratulations on the new addition! I hope you had a wonderful day today remembering Princess Isabelle!

Melissa Harmon

Date: Fri 12/11/09 11:30AM
From: Liz Hughes

Message: Thinking of you all today. I know Isabelle is smiling down on us all from heaven. God Bless.

Date: Tue 12/1/09 2:49PM
From: becky thomas

Message: Isabelle was a beautiful child. Your web
pages are lovely. Thank you for sharing
your love of this beautiful little girl with us, and your sorrow and joy. Our hearts go out to you.

Date: Wed 09/16/09 9:18AM
From: Heather Kamimoto

Message: My heart goes out to you and all of your family as you continue through life's journey remembering the dear, sweet Isabelle. I have no doubt she is in heaven, looking down on the greatest family that could ever love a child. As you look up in the Kansas sky, I am sure the brightest star is Isabelle. Although it has been almost a year since she left this earth, she will always remain the brightest angel in everyone's heart.


Heather Kamimoto

Date: Mon 09/14/09 11:19AM
From: Connie Madden

Message: I'm sorry I won't get to the memorial service, which sounds like a wonderful time remembering Isabelle! You all are still in our hearts here at St. Louis Children's hospital.
Chaplain Connie

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