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Date: Fri 12/12/08 2:43PM
From: Charity

Message: I am so sorry to hear of your princesses passing. She is a beautiful little girl and i will be praying for your family.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 2:38PM
From: Allison Visocsky

Message: I am so deeply sadned to hear for princess Isabelle's passing. She will be dearly missed. We knew of her story through our son's journey at Children's Mercy in KC, MO as he too has a congenital heart defect. I encourage each and everyone to continue their support and make a donation in her honor--and don't forget to signup to be an organ donor. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 2:32PM
From: Laura

Message: I'm keeping you and your family in my heart and prayers this Christmas. As a mother of a child with a congenital heart defect, I've seen my share of heartache, and I know your loss is immeasurable.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 1:58PM
From: Michelle

Message: I am so sorry for your loss. Your family is in my prayers that God will carry you through this difficult time.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 1:51PM
From: The Brown Family

Message: There is a playground in heaven where your little Isabelle is running and jumping and playing in ways she has never have been able to do here on earth. The peace that comes with knowing this does nothing to fill the void in your arms, but she will one day be in your arms again. Friends and strangers cry with you today.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 1:30PM
From: Pamela

Message: I am so very sorry for your loss and will pray for your family.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 1:23PM
From: Cindy McCasland

Message: Dear Chris and Amanda:

I was so grieved to hear about your little princess. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Cindy McCasland
(Kim Bilyeu's Sister)

Date: Fri 12/12/08 1:14PM
From: Dee

Message: Dear Chris, Amanda, and Elorah:

We are deeply saddened to hear of Isabelle's passing. You are in our thougths and prayers at this difficult time. Know that she is safely at home in heaven. Your little angel continues to inspire all of us.

Sincerely (Nora's family) The Steinle's

Date: Fri 12/12/08 12:42PM
From: Hope

Message: I'm so sorry for your loss. Your little princess will forever live in your hearts and rest peacefully knowing that her family and friends love her more than anything in the world. Take comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain and can forever play in heaven with the other angels and that one day you'll all be reunited inside the gates of heaven. My prayers are with you all this holiday season. God bless you.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 12:26PM
From: Gina Gencuski & family

Message: I never had the honor to meet Princess Isabelle, but I know she was an amazing child. My deepest sympathies go out to Chris, Amanda & Elorah.

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