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Date: Tue 12/1/09 2:49PM
From: becky thomas

Message: Isabelle was a beautiful child. Your web
pages are lovely. Thank you for sharing
your love of this beautiful little girl with us, and your sorrow and joy. Our hearts go out to you.

Date: Wed 09/16/09 9:18AM
From: Heather Kamimoto

Message: My heart goes out to you and all of your family as you continue through life's journey remembering the dear, sweet Isabelle. I have no doubt she is in heaven, looking down on the greatest family that could ever love a child. As you look up in the Kansas sky, I am sure the brightest star is Isabelle. Although it has been almost a year since she left this earth, she will always remain the brightest angel in everyone's heart.


Heather Kamimoto

Date: Mon 09/14/09 11:19AM
From: Connie Madden

Message: I'm sorry I won't get to the memorial service, which sounds like a wonderful time remembering Isabelle! You all are still in our hearts here at St. Louis Children's hospital.
Chaplain Connie

Date: Fri 07/3/09 4:25AM
From: Shanna

Message: Hi, I wanted to say Isabelle's story touched me and she looks like she was a brave and strong little princess. I am a kid with Wolff-Parkinson White and I was looking at sites of other kids with heart problems. My prayers are with your family. Love Shanna

Date: Mon 06/29/09 10:03PM
From: Jennifer Miller

Message: I have been really thinking about Isabelle a lot the past few days. My husbands cousin and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Caylee late last week. Only to find out the she has been diagnosed as having Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. I have sent Isabelle's site out for my other side of my family to read about. The resources and information that you guys have given is absolutly wonderful. I just wanted to let guys know that.

Jennifer Miller (Krause)

Date: Mon 05/11/09 2:27PM
From: Ian Madden

Message: Sorry! Wrong verification code! I am the son of the chaplain who worked with Isabelle at Children's. You may know her as Connie Madden. My mom thought very highly of Isabelle and told me about how they used to play princess together. Through her website and what my mom has told me I have grown to love her as well. I am very sorry and sad about her death. I wish the best of wishes and luck!

Ian Madden

Date: Mon 05/11/09 12:17PM
From: Ian Madden

Message: Dear Friends,

Date: Tue 03/10/09 5:33PM
From: Tom Franzen

Message: The St. Louis Children's Hospital memoral service was tonight, sorry you guys couldn't be here.
It was a very beautiful service, with each child having a candle lit in their memory by a family member, or if one wasn't available, a member of staff lit the candle. I hope you don't mind, but I lit Isabelle's candle for her (I got up quicker than some of the other staff members).

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that even though Isabelle is gone she's still remembered very fondly around here, and still one of our all time favorite patients.


Date: Fri 02/13/09 10:16AM
From: Staci Hendrickson

Message: Hello Chris and Amanda,

I was so sad when I heard about Isabelle. My heart goes out to both of you. Some families and kids hold a special place in my heart and Isabelle and you are one of those families.

Take Care, Staci

(message dated 1/11/09)

Date: Wed 02/11/09 9:32PM
From: Julie and Rainy

Message: Hello Friends,

What a wonderful and beauitful little girl and now angel you all have. My heart goes out to all of you. My prayers and my support I send to you. I wish there was something or anything I could do for such a loving family. May the Lord Bless and keep you all in his grace.


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