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Date: Fri 12/12/08 7:25AM
From: shawna davis

Message: I'm so sorry for your loss. Its not fair children should not die waiting for a transplant. My daughter had a liver transplant in sept after waiting 16 months. Praying for your family.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 7:08AM
From: padmaja

Message: Dear Chris and Amanda
We are sorry to hear this. Our deepest condolences are with you.

Padmaja and Siva

Date: Fri 12/12/08 6:41AM
From: Tonya

Message: This message is coming from Fort Knox Kentucky army base. I want to extent our sorrow for such a brave little girl. I can't imagine what you and your family must be going through. My heart really goes out to your youngest daughter this much be a very confusing time for her not knowing what is going on. I pray that god gives you the strength you need to carry on, and to hold your head up even when you don't really want to. I pray that god fills your heart with pure love, and that it helps you to heal.
my prayers are with your family
The Turners

Date: Fri 12/12/08 6:35AM
From: Beverly

Message: We are sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with your family.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 6:06AM
From: Chelle

Message: Isabelle,

Even though we've never met, I know that we could be best friends. We both have magical hearts that brought us here to this Earth so that we could show the world the true meaning of Love and that the idea of a miracle is never far fetched. My mommy told me that your mommy and daddy love you very much. Don't worry, you'll see them again some day. For now, just watch over them from Heaven and make sure that they take care of your sister, just like I know they will.



Date: Fri 12/12/08 5:07AM
From: Shantea Henrichs

Message: We are so sorry for your loss.
The Henrichs family

Date: Fri 12/12/08 4:47AM
From: The Espinoza Family

Message: Dear Chris, Amanda, and Elorah,

Please accept our family's heartfelt condolences. Know that we will continue to keep your family in our prayers.


Julian, Stephanie, Samantha (your former student), Jill, Jenna, and Beth

Date: Fri 12/12/08 3:32AM
From: Tim Wright

Message: We are so sorry for your loss and offer our sincerest condolences. Our thoughts are with you.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 3:31AM
From: Tom

Message: :cry:
This has been a very sad day at the CICU. We are all very sorry for your loss, and I don't think I've ever seen as many people cry as I have tonight. Isabelle was definately one of the most popular kids we've ever had in our unit and she will be missed a great deal.
I'm sorry, both Isabelle and all of your family will be greatly missed around here.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 3:31AM
From: Tim Wright

Message: We are so sorry for your loss and offer our sincerest condolences. Our thoughts are with you.

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