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Date: Thu 12/11/08 9:07AM
From: Padmaja

Message: Stay strong and God is with you.

Date: Tue 12/9/08 8:52PM
From: Kathy

Message: I truly believe in prayer, and will lift up my prayers for all of you.
"Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Miracles". I painted this on my wall in my kitchen back in 2001, when I went through some trying times. Believe, and no that God is with you....

Date: Tue 12/9/08 12:33PM
From: Gayle

Message: I read the article about Isabelle in the Topeka newspaper and have been looking through your website. She is such a precious gift. I will hold your family in my thoughts and prayers. May your Christmas be filled with the one precious gift you have waited too long for.

Date: Tue 12/9/08 12:10PM
From: Betsy

Message: I don't know any of the family but the story in the Topeka Capital Journal touched my heart. While my prayers are for Isabelle, my thoughts are on the family who carry the emotional, psychological and financial burden. Please know that strangers are sending positive thoughts your way. May the hope of finding a donor come true soon!

Date: Tue 12/9/08 12:01PM
From: Betty Dekat

Message: My thoughts & prayers for you all. Stay strong & know God is with you.

Date: Tue 12/9/08 10:59AM
From: Angela Allison

Message: I love you guys, stay strong, and believe! I hold you close in my thoughts, I miss you all.

Date: Tue 12/9/08 9:34AM
From: Snowda

Message: My thoughts and prayers are with you all.May God Bless and keep you in his prayers.

Date: Tue 12/9/08 6:24AM
From: Nancy

Message: My daughter, Mackenzie, has shared Izzy's story, along with her love and concern for your little princess, with us. What amazing little girls we both have. Your daughter is in our thoughts and prayers each day. Her good health is our Christmas wish. We unexpectedly lost a family member this week, and he was an organ donor. The grief of losing him was somewhat eased knowing that he was able to help others and gave us some more hope that, when the time is right, Izzy will receive her precious gift as well.

Date: Mon 12/8/08 10:42AM
From: Benjamin Nogueras

Message: Chris and family, I have you in my prayers. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. My prayers and thoughts are with you. God Bless

Date: Mon 12/8/08 8:06AM
From: Vicky Bell

Message: What a precious little girl. Isabelle is one of God's little angels and I know this is just a season He is putting her through as He has chosen her to touch every one of us, to bring us closer to Him. Because of Isabelle we are closer in prayer today than we were yesterday.
Thank you Isabelle for the strength and the joy you bring to the people you've touched.

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