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Date: Wed 11/19/08 2:20PM
From: Padmaja

Message: test message :D

Date: Wed 11/19/08 10:53PM
From: Matt Crawley

Message: Thank you for signing! If you would like to volunteer for any of the fundraising PR activities, please email me: mcrawl@hotmail.com

Date: Thu 11/20/08 6:25PM
From: Pam Smith

Message: My thoughts and well wishes are with Isabelle and your family.

Date: Tue 11/25/08 9:29AM
From: Haumana

Message: Inara and I enjoyed watching the photo slide shows together. Isabelle's beautiful and we are so excited for her to be 100% again.

Date: Wed 11/26/08 2:52PM
From: JamesD

Message: Continued prayers for courageous Isabelle, her wonderful parents, her sister and her medical team.

Date: Thu 11/27/08 7:47PM
From: Kris

Message: May God grant you His most wonderful blessings. Our prayers will be with you.

Date: Thu 12/4/08 1:02PM
From: Padmaja

Message: Glad to hear that Isabelle is getting her strength back. My well wishes are with Isabelle and your family.


Date: Sat 12/6/08 5:30PM
From: Ginny Higgins

Message: Isabelle and her family are in my prayers. She is a beautiful child and appears to have the endurance to beat these health problems. God is the Great Physician, and I know God is watching over her.

Date: Sat 12/6/08 7:39PM
From: Tangela Welch

Message: Sweet, sweet Isabelle,
I am praying for an angel tonight more than ever. May you sleep peacefully and awaken to a brand new day with a brand new heart. We love you so much. You are such a strong, determined little girl and and I know you will fight through this. May the Lord give you and your family all the strength and love you need to get through this.
with love,

Date: Sun 12/7/08 6:45AM
From: Hinano

Message: Your family is in our hearts and prayers everyday.

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