Memorial Golf Classic A Big Success

We have great news to share! On June 16th, we hosted our first Isabelle Ellis Memorial Golf Classic. Partnering with Gift Of Life ( we hosted almost 40 golfers while the Dinner & Silent Auction Event hosted that plus about 40 more.

The day started off with Registration and Kick-Off from 12-1 pm. We got to see some new faces and we introduced them to the tournament and the cause. Participants enjoyed a nice box lunch from Planet Sub as they prepared for the tee-off. Keith and I made some announcements as registrants loaded up their golf carts.

Everyone enjoyed the course and the sport for the afternoon. Participants competed in many contests on various holes, including a Hole-In-One prize for $10,000. Unfortunately, nobody made a hole-in-one, but there were winners to the other contests. As the afternoon carried on, clouds and sounds of thunder approached. We were ushered off the course by a cool summer rain around 6 pm. The timing was actually fortuitous because we were able to start dinner on time! It was a very heavy rain, too, so it was good to get folks off the course.

The dinner and silent auction kicked off with speeches given by the MC Andy Heath and the founders of the Gift Of Life charity (Kim and Nate Harbur). Keith Anderson, the Executive Director for Gift Of Life, also gave out some door prizes! Our great friend Dave Fischbach also gave a speech about how he’s been moved by this event and the people involved. Amanda and I were then invited up by Linda Cook (one of the members of the Gift Of Life board) and we were presented with a check, which will go towards Isabelle’s Heart Of a Princess, Eternally Memorial Scholarship and Care Package Programs.

Participants enjoyed bidding on many wonderful silent auctions items that were donated by very generous sponsors. The meal was delicious and we were so pleased that Deer Creek was able to accommodate all our needs.

About the time the event was wrapping up and people were leaving, I overheard from my wife that there was a rainbow outside. At first, I didn’t think much of it because I knew it had rained and I pictured a small rainbow, partially visible, which is what we typically see. Then they said again “you ought to go see it”. I decided to go and look. When I saw it, I was stricken with excitement. It was a HUGE, brilliant, double-rainbow. The likes of which I have never seen before. I immediately went to get Kim and explain to her the significance of the rainbow to us. If you recall from our story, we saw a series of rainbows around the time when we were trying to decide to take Isabelle to the transplant center in St Louis. When we arrived at St Louis, we looked out the window and saw a perfect view of the Arch as it was illuminated by a setting sun. Some say coincidence, but you had to have lived it. Rainbows in October are extremely rare in Kansas and the view of the Arch was unique on the Cardiac Unit we were on.

We rallied the rest of the party to join us in witnessing the beauty of the double-rainbow. It was extremely sharp in color and brilliance. It shown for well over 30 minutes, which is also rare. The rainbow was the talk of the town for days to come. A rainbow was seen in quite a few cities that day, from Kansas City to Topeka. It seemed to be a regional celebration and for some, it was so much more. To us, it was a reminder that what we were doing was right and that Isabelle did not leave us without purpose. Her story now lives on and her message is spreading like rainbows across the land.

Thanks to all of those who participated in this wonderful event. We had over 20 volunteers who helped us make this event a success and we had folks who donated money but could not attend. The event was so successful that we’ll be doing it again next year! So, be on the look-out for opportunities to be a part of this event in 2011!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Chris & Amanda Ellis

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