Great, great success lately

Hello friends,

I’m behind on my writing so this update is going to be full. There is a lot going on and we are so thankful to share these updates with you.

First, the first park cleaning on 4/17 was a great success. We had several volunteers (regulars) and we cleaned the park just in time for the Lawrence Earth Day celebration going on there in the park. On a funny side note, several people thought we were just regulars cleaning the park. It was great timing but I almost wish I we had some t-shirts to wear while cleaning the park. That’s a thought for the future. May’s park cleaning has been postponed until this weekend (Saturday at 9:30 am at South Park). We know there are a lot of activities going on this coming weekend (Graduations, B-day etc), but we hope to be done in an hour.

Next, we attended Cooper’s Cause Bowl-A-Thon on 4/10. It was a great time and for a great cause. Cooper was born with a complex heart defect and required difficult surgeries to treat. His parents have done a great job raising awareness through their Lawrence-based grassroots campaign. Turns out Elorah loves bowling and she even got a strike - not kidding.

Third, we attended Gift Of Life’s GoSeeDoKC charity event and it was knock-your-socks off amazing. We really want people to come with us next year for sure. The event consisted of silent auction, tasty appetizers (sorry, couldn’t bring myself to say hors de odervs), wine, live auction and conversation. The auction items were amazing and we got to mean several new families that were impacted by the decision about organ donation. There was one family there who was semi-famous for donating kidney’s. They called themselves “Kidney’s R’ Us” (not kidding). Quite a few of them had donated kidney’s to various people. Quite amazing. We also got to hear testimony from a girl in High School whose father received a transplant last year. Gift Of Life went to her High School in Springfield to share the message. She said that she was forever touched and planned to continue telling people about the importance of organ donation.

More success! On May 5th, we attended an event at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. The annual event is used to award scholarships to various nurses and staff at the hospital. After Isabelle’s passing we started planning for a scholarship program in Isabelle’s honor. We want to give back to the nurses that gave so much to us. We are doing that through this scholarship. Our scholarship recognizes excellence in scholastics as well as nominates a nurse in intensive care medicine that is seeking to further their education with respect to cardiology (cardiac and respiratory). This year we awarded Christin Dealy with a $500 scholarship to help pay for tuition and books. It was great to witness all the other scholarships and the stories behind them. It was also so nice to see some of the actual nurses that took care of Isabelle there at the event. I got a chance to get up a speak about the scholarship and we can’t wait until we get to see next years applicants!

Also…we are so excited to be promoting this great event!

Gift Of Life presents the Isabelle Ellis Memorial Golf Classic

June 16th, 1-8 pm (Golf 1-5pm)

Registration Information:

We plan to have a tournament from 1-5 pm, followed by cocktails and silent auction (5 - 6 pm) and we’ll end the day with dinner and awards. You can register for Golf (lunch and dinner included) or for the dinner separately. That way your friend or spouse can join you for the dinner event. We plan to have many great prizes, contents and auction items. It’s for such a great cause and benefits our local community with proceeds benefiting Gift Of Life’s various programs as well as Isabelle’s Heart Of a Princess Eternally (HOPE) programs.

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Thank you so much for making our cause so successful.

Warmest regards,

Isabelle’s Daddy and Mommy

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