Our Beautiful Princess Isabelle

We have no idea how to say what we need to say, so we will keep it very simple: Isabelle is not having a good day. She had blood pressure issues and her heart went into arrest again this morning. They got her back, but the arrest was around ten minutes. She is currently stable, but they are going to assess her neurological function in four to five hours. We fear that this event will take too much of a toll on our little Princess.

We don’t know what the future holds for Isabelle, but we pray that she be happy and comfortable. We know she is in God’s hands and we know that she’ll be well taken care of no matter what.

Mom and Dad are spending time with our baby girl and reading stories to her, giving her kisses, huggies and all the special attention she deserves. We love her with all our hearts and we always will.

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  1. VTHawk Says:

    Still praying….as well as asking for additional prayers from co-workers and friends and anyone else I can tell Isabelle’s story to! ~Krista (Miller) Moody

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