The wait continues

Isabelle is stable, but she’s had blood pressure issues today. She’s been peeing well, so we’re happy about that. She was put back on the paralytic so that her body can focus on healing. They turned off the Bair Hugger (warming blanket) and they’re watching to see how she holds her temp.

They changed around her antibiotics yesterday to better treat the little infection she has from the trach. That will be one good thing to get off our plate.

She got visits again from OT and PT today. It was hard, but we had to send them away because we’re battling blood pressure issues today.

Fox 2 News from St Louis just finished up an interview with us. They are putting together a story about her and another girl that just got a transplant. Hopefully the story will be ready tomorrow and I can send out the info to you.

Finally, I wanted to amend the organ transplant / donor matching info that I’ve been telling everyone. After talking with the transplant coordinator I found out that they do not care about tissue matching at this hospital. That means it boils down to: size (age), size of the heart and blood-type. With tissue matching out of the equation, then we’re open to more donors. However, we’re still technically behind another child on the “wait time” factor.

The more I learn about the matching process, the more it confuses me.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for us. The gifts, the well wishes, the prayers upon prayers, the forwarding of our story, the selling of bracelets, the visits, the emails, the poems, the auction donations and so on. You’re a wonderful group/network of people and we’re fortunate to have you. Let the prayers for a donor continue.

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