Need help finding a donor

We need to find a donor.

I cannot express the severity of Isabelle’s situation, but it’s apparent to anyone who has spent a few min in the room with her. Her heart is getting worse. We’ve asked so much from her poor tired heart and we’re asking even more. The absolute priority is to get her to transplant, but it’s hard when her heart is so tired and having so many arrhythmias as a result.

We are asking any able bodied person to help us get the story out. It is our hope that if we spread the story far and wide enough, that our chances of getting a donor will increase. Donors typically come from within 250 miles of the recipient, so we need to target: St Louis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Memphis, Springfield (MO/IL), Indianapolis, and even Nashville. We want to get the word to the people so that Isabelle could be picked as a possible match.

We ask for nothing else at this point and we need nothing else. We need to find a donor.

Since I made this post I learned that there are no good samaritan donations for hearts in the USA.

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