“Back in the ball game”

Isabelle had a good night and she’s still stable. She’s battling the infection she got from the trach with antibiotics. Her breathing will get much better after that is out of her system. She moving a lot more today and she’s making some faces. Last night she made a grimmace in pain and today she’s moving her mouth around more.

She’s under a Bair Hugger, which is helping keep her warm. Her body is working to figure out it’s internal temp so she’s a bit on the cool side. That should right itself in time.

She just got a visit from Physical Therapy and she got some range of motion exercises done. Isabelle was moving and squeezing her hands. She has some edema in her skin so movement will be necessary to get that off again.

Her head Dr told me today that “we’re back in the ball game”. So, the wait for a donor resumes. We hope and pray to find one soon because this wait has taken it’s toll on our little Princess for sure.

Today we made the Topeka Paper: http://www.cjonline.com/stories/120908/kan_365359793.shtml. Isabelle was born in Topeka at Stormont-Vail, like her father and her grandmother. We are so glad that our story is continuing to spread across the Heartland.

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