More baby steps

The CT scan results initially look good. There is no sign of any acute problems. The results are being reviewed by the radiologist. We are anxious to hear the final results but the intial results are great news.

When Isabelle got back to the room she nodded “yes” and “no” to a few questions, which is a really great sign.

She’s on Versed and Fentanyl again, but she’s off all other sedatives. She’s back on full vent support for now, which is the right thing to do so she can rest.

No nutrition yet.

The plan is to keep her happy, stable and healing. Tomorrow we’ll likely get to talk about the transplant status. We know that Isabelle will need to spend some time recovering before she’s back to being ready for transplant. We don’t know how long that will take, so we’ll take it day by day.

Every day I hear about all the people out there reading the story. I am amazed at how many people are tuned into our situation. I love writing about the good stuff…I hope to share more good stuff tomorrow.

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers!

With love, Chris, Amanda, Isabelle and Elorah

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