Baby steps

If you are just tuning back in from Friday a lot has happened. You need to read all the posts since Friday.

Isabelle had a big setback on Saturday morning. Her arrhythmias wore her heart out and she went into cardiac arrest. The medical team was able to get her back to a stable state, but we don’t know how much damage may have occured. Her blood work looked much better today and her kidneys are still working very well without any help.

Through the night Isabelle made purposeful movements in her eyes, tongue and arm. It’s impossible to assess her complete body because of all the medications and IV’s, but the initial signs are good. The Drs want to perform a CT scan to make sure there are no signs of bleeding or other damage to her brain. The fact that her labs are trending better is a really good sign, but this is a bridge we must cross.

Isabelle has crossed many bridges and won many battles. We hope and pray that she can get through this without any problems, but it’s been tough on her for sure. She came a long ways and was pretty much back to being Isabelle. To have another setback like this is devastating to her and her family. We have faith in God’s healing power and we’re going to do our best to support Isabelle the way we know how. We started reading, watching movies and listening to music. We’re going to do our best to help her through this. The goal is to keep her on the transplant list and get her to transplant. Your assistance in prayer would be greatly appreciated. Isabelle needs all the support she can get right now.

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