Isabelle is doing ok. She’s been stable in terms of the overall picture. Because she’s back to being paced, we don’t know her body’s intented heart rate. She’s set at 115 right now. She’s got an infection in her trach, which we knew was a risk, so she’s on antibiotics for that now. She’s still on a cooling blanket to keep her temp down. The big question now is about her neurological activity after such an event. So, they’ve taken her off the paralytic to see her responses. She’s shown some initial signs of responsiveness in her eyes, so we pray that she continue to take some baby steps forward tonight. It will take time for the paralytic to wear off as well.

For tonight, please pray for complete stability in her heart function. Also, please say a prayer for Isabelle’s mind and spirit. Her mind and spirit have been extremely strong throughout this entire ordeal and we want them to continue to be strong.

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  1. Tara Grisafe Says:

    I came across this story thru Coopers Cause. I have been following Isabelle’s story since you opened the site. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Isabelle and the rest of the family. Tonight I will pray for Isabelle to be stable and comfortable, and for healing!

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