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Don’t Forget To Register (Deadline)

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Hello friends!

Our deadline for registration for the Golf, Dinner and Silent Auction event in two weeks is today (June 1st).

If you play golf and have a team, then contact the Gift of Life office asap at If you don’t have a full team, no problem, because you can still register and we can help you find more players.

If you don’t play golf we have something for you! The dinner and silent auction event will be a great time for anyone who doesn’t play golf, but wants to be a part of this wonderful event. (Golfers automatically get registered for the dinner and silent auction).

Last week we added a $25,000 Hole-In-One prize to the tournament, so don’t miss out!

Register today by printing and completing this form here.

If you cannot print the form, just give the Gift of Life office a call and they’ll help you get registered. To contact the office, go to this site:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you!!

Isabelle’s Daddy and Mommy