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Quick Update

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Hello friends, family, support and fellow Isabelle-inspired folk,

We thank you for the kind hand you’ve leant over the past 7 months as we’ve grieved. Losing Isabelle was a huge emotional toll on all of us. The love, support, prayers and kindness you’ve shown us made a huge impact and helped us tremendously.

We wanted to give you an update on a few things. First, Isabelle’s memorial stone (headstone) is almost ready. It should be installed in late-August. We plan to have a memorial ceremony, graveside, once it’s in place. We’d love it if we could get a great showing there at that time.

Isabelle’s surgery date is nearing us. August 25th was the day we took her in for surgery. It was a day that we will never forget, ever. Isabelle was optimistic, happy and in good spirits that day. She was so strong in that regard. She trusted everyone and that was such a comfort. She went into surgery with the courage of a Tiger (her favoriate animal).

A new bracelet order is being processed so we’ll be posting about more bracelet sales soon. The funds obtained will go towards Isabelle’s HOPE Memorial Fund, which supports various endeavors, including helping others.

Isabelle’s park benches are almost ready. The one in Lawrence’s South Park just needs it’s placard now. Once that’s ready we’ll be having a dedication ceremony there. More to come on that. The one in Eudora is nearing installation and it will have a placard, too. Both will represent Isabelle’s love of parks and nature.

For those of you who are familiar with Isabelle’s Baby (aka My New Baby aka Sissy aka Elorah), you know that she’s growing up fast. She still talks a lot about Isabelle. If she’s drawing she’ll pick up a pink marker and say “this color is for Isabelle”. When drawing the family she remembers Isabelle. When she talks about Isabelle she says “Isabelle isn’t sick anymore, she’s in Heaven now”. Last week she said “Isabelle’s coming back and she’s driving a pink car”. Tears of sadness, tears of joy. Here’s a slideshow of some pictures Rebecca took of Elorah last month:

See if you notice something special about Amanda’s belly in the picture. :)

More to come on that.

Thank you for all your Love, Prayers and Support. Isabelle’s Spirit is still strong around all of us. When you feel the warm of the Sun on your shoulder, feel a cool summer breeze, pick some fresh strawberries, see a butterfly flying around or walk through a field of flowers, remember our Princess Isabelle.

Love, Chris, Amanda, ^Isabelle^ and Elorah

Thank you

Friday, July 17th, 2009

To all who have supported us so much,

We wanted to tell you “thank you” with all our hearts. We received so much support in all forms and we continue to get wonderful support. It’s a testament to how big your hearts are and how much Isabelle meant to you. Her spirit lives on.

Thank you to all those who came to help us clean South Park last weekend. You volunteered your precious time to help us do something nice for the community in Isabelle’s name. Isabelle loved playing in the park and she would ask to go every day. She just loved having fun in the open air. She’d play until she wore herself completely out.

Cleaning the park is our way of remembering Isabelle. It’s our way to keep her spirit alive and ensure that South Park gets some much needed attention (tender loving care). I have to share a funny story about this. Back in May we got started on cleaning the park and there was a homeless person sleeping on a bench (don’t tell the parks and rec please). We came across this person, who was an older man, and he said “you know they have people that get paid to clean up this park” and Amanda said “we’re cleaning the park to help remember our daughter” to which he said “you could do that at a pizza restaurant”. That’s such a poignant moment that I reflect upon often. We didn’t go into an explanation with this person about why we were doing this and why Isabelle was so wonderful and why we are trying to give back to the community in her name.

I think all of you know “why” (hopefully). When we go to the park we feel like Isabelle comes with us. She was such a warm and wonderful person and her spirit of sharing and giving is easily spread to you when we do these things together.

We definitely don’t get paid to clean the park, but to us, it’s one of the most important things we’ve done. It’s something that is so close to Isabelle’s heart that we just love sharing it. Now, if the weather would continue to cooperate (not too hot and not too wet) then we can definitely have an awesome time there.

Again, thank you so much to those who have come to the park to help us. On average it’s taken us a around an hour to do it (with your help). Without help, it was taking around two hours!

To stay in touch with the events that we’ll be participating in, please be sure to bookmark this page:

Thank you for being there for us!!

With lots of love, Chris, Amanda, ^Isabelle^ and Elorah