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Spring is upon us

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

I apologize for taking so long to post an update on our activities. Things have been developing at a steady pace and we are ready to share some of the details of our projects.

First, the St Louis Children’s Hospital had a Memorial service for parents, family, friends and staff. Memories of lost love ones were shared, and so were many tears, tears of sorrow and tears of hope. A special reading was done for Isabelle by a wonderful Chaplain there named Connie Madden. I plan to post the reading on the website (on the Celebration of Life page). Connie added a story about a time when she had a special princess tea party with Isabelle. Many of the CICU staff attended the service and a candle was lit and they said Isabelle’s name several times. It was a very special event. We could not make it but we can feel the love and warmth. We hope to go back to the SLCH CICU someday and say Hello to the wonderful people we met while we were there.

Next, we have officially formed a charity in Isabelle’s name. It is called “HOPE” or the Isabelle Ellis Memorial Fund. Details can be found on the “how to help” page. We setup the charity so that we can help others. We plan to setup scholarship funds and to sponsor projects that help other families in need. We’re working on laying out the full details on the “how to help” page (so stay tuned), but the fund is official and it’s accepting tax deductable dontations via various payment methods. See the page for more details. We thank for helping us accomplish our dreams of memorializing Isabelle this way.

Isabelle’s memorial headstone is in it’s procurement phase. Once we know the date for installation we plan to setup a memorial service. We want to make this a special event so we have some fun things planned, including a poetry reading and a butterfly release. We want to do this because it was so cold on Dec 17th and some were not able to attend. It will be nice to gather and remember our favorite Princess…our Warrior Princess.

Also, we have officialy joined in the Lawrence Adopt-A-Park program. We have adopted South Park through 2009. Once we confirm the dates, we plan to publish them and recruit help! So far we’re looking at every second Sunday of the month from April to November. More to come on this. Isabelle loved parks and so we plan to help make a contribution to area parks in her honor.

Also, we have signed up to participate in the 2009 American Heart Association Heart Walk. You can view our donation page via We hope to raise money for research and education towards fighting heart disease. If you would like to join us on the walk or you would like to make a donation, please let us know! The walk is May 30th. More details to come regarding this event.

Spring is definitely coming and it was Isabelle’s favorite time of the year. She loved gardening with Mommy and helping Daddy with outside work. She loved planting flowers, cutting them and putting them in a vase. We still have the last flowers she cut. The last thing she planted in the garden was spinach and it’s now coming up. It’s a reminder of the new life that comes with spring. The flowers she planted last year are coming up, too. Dafodils, hyacinths and crocuses. Soon her strawberries will start blooming. Isabelle loved going to the garden and picking strawberries. The strawberries never made it back into the house! :)

Elorah is sprouting up, too. She has started going outside to play in the sandbox and to help with the gardening. Elorah talks a lot about Isabelle and her favorite activity is watching home movies of Isabelle. Elorah loves watching her sister laugh, play and smile. It will bring a smile and giggle to Elorah every time and she never gets bored of watching the movies. One time she even waved at Isabelle and said “Hi Isabelle”. It’s enough to make you cry.¬†Elorah has a different understanding of things and she seems to know that Isabelle is ok now and that her¬†spirit is still near all of us, watching over us and taking care of us.

Look for another update soon with more details about all these activities we’re working on!

With love, Chris, Amanda, ^Isabelle^ and Elorah